Imperial Japanese Naval Aviator 1937–45 (Warrior)

The most boring (and thankfully shortest) chapter. It is only about 15-20 minutes, so just push through it. Industrial Revolution is slightly more interesting. I promise.

Listen to Chapter 20: The Agricultural Revolution

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4 thoughts on “Ch. 20 Agricultural Revolution

Bob Bracing for Armageddon: Why Civil Defense Never Worked

No talk about Adam Smith free enterprise?

  • K

    This helped a TON. Thanks so much for these videos, they are the reason I am not failing… This chapter wasnt boring to me at all, I find straight to the point chapters like this easier to understand and remember opposed to chapters like the Reformation and Counter- Reformation. bleh.

    p.s. I like how you say ‘basically’ a lot. It reminds me that I’m listening to a human and not some robot. Or a teacher. Or a robot teacher.


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