Ch. 29 WWII and the Rise of the Dictators 20

In this Podcast, we will discuss some of the vilest, most despicable, and most influential men of the 20th century: Mussolini, the would-be emperor of a revitalized Rome who was rumored to be afraid of cats. Stalin, the former seminary student who would purge and “disappear” as many as 20 million of his own people. Hitler, probably the most well-known dictator of all time, and a man who probably suffered from Parkinson’s Disease, syphilis, or both while he lead his country to ruin.

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20 thoughts on “Ch. 29 WWII and the Rise of the Dictators

  • thankful student

    hi hank, thank you for posting these podcasts up. i was wondering if you would not mind making a podcast dedicated to the evolution of European music. such as romantic, neo-classical, baroque, etc. its just very interesting to me.

  • Vishaal Lalchand

    hey hank tnx for all the help i was wondering when you were gonna put chapter 30 up seeing as the ap test is around the corner it would be good to have all the chapters. O and if you get time after that you should do like a mini podcast on good strategies for the ap test

  • Seth

    hey hank i dont know if u still check these comments now that you’re vat dartmouth and all : ) but i was just wondering how i could contact you personally to ask you a question about the chapter i’m on right now. thx.

  • Allison Sheridan

    Hey Lisa – I administer Hank’s website and I saw your comment about how you don’t know if someone wrote back. I’ve now enabled a feature that you can click the box at the bottom of the comment box that says “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail”. Hope that helps you know when things are happening over here! I’m also going to dig up the plugin that lets you subscribe to comments even if you don’t make one.

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  • lisa

    hmmm….i keep leaving comments and then forget where i leave them so i never find out if i got a response :-/ we cant all be the brightest bulb in the bunch, now can we?!
    hahaha no im procrastinating and not doing my AP project so i think ill take this moment to say that my eternal gratitude goes out to hank. At least i can say im doing something AP related πŸ™‚ you seem to love history so much,Hank, that you wouldn’t mind doing my poject right? pleeeease πŸ˜€

  • Hank

    I would definitely consider doing one about the Holocaust, but unfortunately (and perhaps unjustly) it has a fairly small place in the AP European History curriculum. However, I have a long winter break coming up, so maybe I will have some time for some additional topics. Thanks for your support!

  • WannaBeAHistoryProf

    I love your podcasts. They are very informative, and great for test-night last minute studying. Are you going to cover the Holocaust in the next one?

  • Andrew YFUUUUUUU

    THANKS! you saved me. at my school 10 senoirssss got caught cheating. so College Board canceled 600 tests including Ap euro. YEAH I NO UNFAIR . so i just got back from doing a foriegn exchange program and wen i got back i ahd only 2 weeks to preparee for the test!
    and thanks to you i think i will passssss againnnn


  • jason

    just found ur site today. thanks dude, ap exam is tomrorw and i’m gonna cram using this. thanks a ton man. u dont think cold war will be comin up today as well? thanks

  • d

    I’ve just found you today (aka just now) and even though I’ve only listened to a grand total of 20 minutes of your stuff, I can already say this is going to be Cram Heaven. I’ll stick it on my iPod and listen to it all night. Who needs sleep, anyway? Thanks so much for doing this! (Yes the Cold War would be nice and much appreciated because we haven’t covered it in class yet, but this is incredible already.)

  • rohan

    Man!! thank you soo much for doing this
    this is the best ap euro studying material. never expected to find this but i found this a day before the ap euro exam
    soo i m screwed
    well i know it but i foget what i learned the 1st semester
    thank you soo much brahh

  • Erica

    Hey Hank,

    I’m taking AP Euro at an international school in Tokyo, and it’s really hard to find stuff to supplement our outdated and relatively incoherent textbooks. I can’t exactly pop over to a library either. So in preparation for tomorrow’s exam I just listened to like, 6 straight hours of your euro podcasts, and they were unbelievably helpful. I had the bones of it down, but it’s all sort-of fragmented, and you really helped me put it all together. I sent your link to my friends too, so by this point you probably have a rather large following in Japan.

    Hey uh, I don’t suppose you’ll have the cold war up in the next few hours?

    Haha, it’s cool. In any event, you’re sort of my new hero, and I’d just like to thank you for doing this.


  • andrea

    can I just say you have helped me so much. We are done with all of our tests in class now and I am starting to review for the exam in 13 days (ahhhhh!) but all your podcasts are hilarious! Some of the comments you make are really funny and really keep me interested and you break stuff down really well into terms that normal people understand because my textbook is so confusing. So thank you so much for doing all this to help everyone!!! :))