Tempted by the Night (Marlowe, Book 2)

In this Podcast, we will discuss some of the vilest, most despicable, and most influential men of the 20th century: Mussolini, the would-be emperor of a revitalized Rome who was rumored to be afraid of cats. Stalin, the former seminary student who would purge and “disappear” as many as 20 million of his own people. Hitler, probably the most well-known dictator of all time, and a man who probably suffered from Parkinson’s Disease, syphilis, or both while he lead his country to ruin.

Listen to Chapter 29 WWII and the Rise of Dictators

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20 thoughts on “Ch. 29 WWII and the Rise of the Dictators


Thank you – very helpful! Do you have anything on last chapter, Cold War?


  • Vishaal Lalchand

    hey hank tnx for all the help i was wondering when you were gonna put chapter 30 up seeing as the ap test is around the corner it would be good to have all the chapters. O and if you get time after that you should do like a mini podcast on good strategies for the ap test

  • Seth

    hey hank i dont know if u still check these comments now that you’re vat dartmouth and all : ) but i was just wondering how i could contact you personally to ask you a question about the chapter i’m on right now. thx.

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