Ch. 30: Post WWII Era and the Cold War 9

After WWII, Western Europe was in ruins. The nations of this devastated continent had crumbling economies, turbulent political reshuffling, and changing national identities. However, through a new series of alliances (and a little help from the US), these countries bounced back from the brink and became the nations we recognize today.

We will also talk about that charming period of American and Soviet militarization known as the Cold War. We will discuss how Bob Dylan, the Beatles, and popular culture helped create a passionate (in the “let’s riot” kind of way) youth movement. And finally, we will talk about the most badass of French badasses: Charles De Gaulle.

In this episode I am also joined by Kyle Sheridan, a good friend of mine. Kyle is a gentleman and a scholar and kindly offered to assist me on this, the second to the last Podcast in Hank’s History Hour. I hope you enjoy it, and good luck on your tests!

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9 thoughts on “Ch. 30: Post WWII Era and the Cold War

  • stephanie

    hey i agree!! with sophia!!! ap exams are the day beofre tomoro! im freaking out! but anyways thanks sooooooo much for you current podcasts,, they’ve really helped. and i may be pushing it with this, but can you also put up the age of nationalism to complete the whole ap european history?

  • Sophia

    I can’t tell you how much your podcasts have saved my life, Hank. I wish you and Kyle the best, and I sincerely hope Putin’s not kicking the crap out of you as we speak. Lol.

    If he’s not, then where in the world is that other podcast?! Don’t give up now, man! We need that last one!


  • Anna

    thank you so much, hank!
    i always listen to your podcasts right before my ap euro class begins a chapter and right before i take the test. they help to prepare me with more interesting points to include in discussion and frqs than the bland, dry, solid facts supplied by my teacher and textbook. i don’t completely rely on your podcasts, of course, but they help me gain a more complete understanding.

    i love de gaulle 🙂

    so, i guess you guys are in a dark cell being beat up by putin since we are left sans second podcast…

    well, have a lovely life,

  • podfeet Post author

    thanks for pointing that out Fried, not exactly sure what’s wrong, but the atom feed works, and there’s an xml button at the top the page that works too. That thing is auto-generated so I’m not quite sure how it would get broken but I’ll look into it.


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  • Richard

    Glad to see these back and I hope you continue doing these Hank- they’re excellent. Once you get to the end of the curriculum, how about extending the podcast, talking about any historical subject you choose in every episode?

    I’m not studying for AP Euro by the way, I’m a 37 year old history fan from the UK!